Coventry Zesty Playford

Since 2013, I’ve been running a series of dances called Coventry Zesty Playford.  I started this when it came to my attention that Playford dances were often being danced in a way which made them less fun (the Playford plod).  CZP is part of a general movement to remedy this.  Here are some ways we do that:

  • We dance with energy and enthusiasm.
  • We welcome people of all ages and dancing abilities, including total beginners.  Tutting is banned.
  • We enjoy doing simpler traditional dances such as Sellenger’s Round and the Black Nag, over more complicated modern ECD.
  • Live music, because of course.
  • Picking the programme is something both band and caller undertake together, meaning that we always have great tunes.
  • We’re prepared to try new things with the music, for example, booking Steamchicken gave us jazz Playford…

The Ceilidh Experiment

The Ceilidh Experiment is a new ceilidh series in Coventry.  We have a house band (Vic Smith and Nick Dewhurst) and a lighting artist (Amy Worrall) to bring it all to life.  The event was generously  sponsored by Dancing Folk Warwickshire and West Midlands.

Inclusive Folk Dancing

A work in progress:  a website to provide resources on

  • Gender free dancing and calling
  • Welcoming beginner dancers
  • Creating a Safe Dance Environment
  • Dancing and disabilities

CV folk

Inspired by Coventry City of Culture, CV folk aims to provide resources and co-ordinated events for folk music and dance in and around the CV postcode area.  I am proud to be on the management committee and am looking forward to organising lots of exciting events with these lovely people, leading up to 2021 and beyond.

Roseville Fair

Roseville Fair play for weddings, parties and functions.  With Nicky Grant, Ewan Cameron and Adam Beresford-Browne.  My plan to do more of the gigs I love best:  ceilidhs and barndances for people of all ages who are there to enjoy themselves!