Coventry Zesty Playford

Since 2013, I’ve been running a series of dances called Coventry Zesty Playford.  I started this when it came to my attention that Playford dances were often being danced in a way which made them less fun (the Playford plod).  CZP is part of a general movement to remedy this.  Here are some ways we do that:

  • We dance with energy and enthusiasm.
  • We welcome people of all ages and dancing abilities, including total beginners.  Tutting is banned.
  • We enjoy doing simpler traditional dances such as Sellenger’s Round and the Black Nag, over more complicated modern ECD.
  • Live music, because of course.
  • Picking the programme is something both band and caller undertake together, meaning that we always have great tunes.
  • We’re prepared to try new things with the music, for example, booking Steamchicken gave us jazz Playford…

The Ceilidh Experiment

The Ceilidh Experiment is a new ceilidh series in Coventry.  We have gorgeous venue (Ego) a house band (Vic Smith and Nick Dewhurst) and a lighting artist (Amy Worrall) to bring it all to life.  The event is generously  sponsored by Dancing Folk Warwickshire and West Midlands.

Inclusive Folk Dancing

A work in progress:  a website to provide resources on

  • Gender free dancing and calling
  • Welcoming beginner dancers
  • Creating a Safe Dance Environment
  • Dancing and disabilities

Roseville Fair

Roseville Fair play for weddings, parties and functions.  With Nicky Grant, Ewan Cameron and Adam Beresford-Browne.  My plan to do more of the gigs I love best:  ceilidhs and barndances for people of all ages who are there to enjoy themselves!